Karolin Kuusik is an Estonian fashion designer, stylist, and editor - a legend in the Estonian fashion and entertainment scene since the early 00s. It's hard to find a local celebrity who hasn't benefited from her talent, whether it's her styling work or wearing one of her unique creations on stage or at functions. Kuusik's multifaceted career, as well as the DNA of her home country situated between Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, trickles into her design vision - always an undeniable love letter to the hard work and play inherent in fashion!


Estonian-born fashion designer Karolin Kuusik founded her eponymous brand in 2022. Long known for her made-to-measure atelier creations and unique styling work in the entertainment industry, the favorite of the Estonian crème de la crème decided to offer her talent to a wider audience in a more approachable way, creating a brand that has contrast at its core. Kuusik manages to blend polar opposites in a fun and organic way, mixing streetwear with elegant office vibes, boxy androgynous shapes and precise tailoring with flowy fabrics and adorable femininity, subtle pastels with graphic black and white, cuteness and innocence with strikingly dark and mature signature pieces. The collection includes an expanding range of sweatshirts and t-shirts with original prints that draw inspiration from the inner landscapes of the designer, as well as from nature, art, and geometry. The range is complemented by dresses, blouses, trousers, jackets, and accessories that adhere to the same visual sensibilities.